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Accurate Documentation From 3D CAD Designs With Improved Authoring Tools

7 September, 2009


Cortona3D, proven leader in 3D technical authoring software, announces the latest release of the Cortona3D Rapid tools range. Allowing users to speed the process and reduce the costs of after-sale documentation production, the new features of the Rapid tools family are further extended by the launch of two new modules - RapidDataImport and RapidPDF - which expand import and output options.

Cortona3D software gives manufacturers the ability to provide more efficient and effective technical documentation – parts catalogs, technical manuals, operating procedures, assembly instructions and training materials. Rapid tools are proven in use on projects run by Boeing and The European Space Agency amongst many others.

RapidDataImport from Cortona3D offers users the ability to import certain native CAD formats into the Cortona3D Rapid tools. Direct connection of CAD design data with the Rapid applications ensures consistency of engineering data used in customer documentation, eliminates re-input inaccuracies and further streamlines the process from design to documentation.

A second new package, RapidPDF, provides the ability to publish output as 3D Adobe® PDF compatible files. The 3D output is published from the Cortona3D Rapid tools to a user defined Adobe PDF template. The ability to edit these Adobe PDF templates is included with the RapidPDF module. View and interact with the 2D and 3D output using Adobe Acrobat®. Adding PDF to the existing output options allows users easier access to output, using an application many will already be very familiar with.

General improvements to the RapidManual, RapidCatalog and RapidLearning tools include:

  • Improved support for 2D images
  • Performance improvements
  • Improvements in creating training applications (RapidLearning only)
  • Improved licensing procedure
  • Support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  • Other Authoring improvements 

About Cortona3D

Cortona3D provides 3D visual communication and publishing software to equipment manufacturers worldwide. Cortona3D open standards tools give manufacturers the power to rapidly author web-based interactive, animated 3D product documentation such as maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogs and interactive training from existing CAD assets. Proven benefits are three times faster production, 80%+ cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, Ford, GE, Bosch, ESA and Airbus. Cortona3D has a track record of sector leadership and product improvement with representation in industry standardization bodies including AECMA, ATA and ADL-SCORM and S1000D. See: