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Atlas Copco: automated workflows with Cortona3D RapidAuthor and Siemens Teamcenter keep the trucks up and running

9 Januar, 2017

Atlas Copco, the global leader in the field of industrial productivity solution, creates part catalogs using Cortona3D RapidAuthor and Siemens Teamcenter. Integrated solution keeps the parts catalogs updated and complete, so customers can order spare parts as fast as possible.

Atlas Copco focuses on four industries: Compressor Technique, Industrial Technique, Construction Technique and Mining and Rock Excavation Technique. For equipment and machinery in the mining and rock excavation industry it is vital that machines keep running. A lot of work involves the usage of pipes and hydraulics and when a hose breaks, it must be replaced as soon as possible in order to keep everything running. If the trucks aren’t moving, the entire chain comes to a halt. Therefore, the catalogue of spare parts should always be updated and complete for customers to order spare parts as fast as possible. This was one of the main reasons for the service division of Atlas Copco to start the quest for a modern and integrated solution.

A previous tool to create catalogues for spare parts was very outdated and limited the way of working. “The system was sufficient to create so-called spare part books, but it was tailored for Atlas Copco and we could not make any innovations,” explained Tommy Larsson at TIS manager at Atlas Copco. “For instance, we could not add illustrations in the system and that is an essential element for a modern catalogue of spare parts.”

Atlas Copco creates spare part books of six hundred to two thousand pages with illustrations and parts lists. The need arose for a new solution, so that all the information and workflows could be combined into one catalogue for spare parts. The search for a solution led to Cortona3D, a partner of Siemens PLM Software represented by cards PLM Solution in Best, the Netherlands.

Cortona3D makes it possible to merge the list of materials with CAD information and JPEG images to compile a complete catalogue, through a direct link with Teamcenter from Siemens PLM Software. Teamcenter ‘knows’ how the machine works, how the sub-components are divided and brings the several chapters together in one catalogue.

The main advantage of the Teamcenter connection is that updates are automatically applied across the entire workflow. Because the work is automated, it reduced the amount of manual labour which reduces the chances of errors. It means that Atlas Copco now works with a central database in Teamcenter and if a change is made by an engineer, the alternation is incorporated semi-automatically in the catalogue. This makes the change instantly visible to the after sales department.

“Atlas Copco was already implementing Teamcenter in a separate project. They found us because we are able to make the connection with Cortona3D,” explained Björn Hoeven, consultant at cards PLM Solutions. Tommy Larsson from Atlas Copco is also very pleased with the cooperation between cards PLM Solutions and his own organization. “cards PLM Solutions spent much time in the beginning of the project to get to know us and vice versa. We have a specific working method and it is a challenge for any supplier to adjust accordingly.” According to him, the implementation went smoothly because it started small and because of the constant consultation between the various involved departments. “When we really understood each other, we got exactly what we wanted”.

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