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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 9.1 with an ability to edit section planes and a new module for creating 2D illustrations – RapidIllustrator

9 Februar, 2017

Cortona3D ( releases a new version of its leading authoring tool for creating interactive 3D/2D technical publications. The key changes in RapidAuthor v. 9.0 include the ability to import and edit section planes in 3D, a new module for creating 2D illustrations from 3D geometry and improved performance for several time-consuming operations.

RapidAuthor 9.1 allows for importing the section planes information from JT data (Model Views), creating and editing section planes in 3D geometry. Performance of 2D illustration generation, project saving, and procedure updating has been significantly improved. A new module in RapidAuthor suite, RapidIllustrator is tailored to the creation of 2D illustrations from 3D geometry. RapidIllustrator can be recommended to authors who are focused on the creation of 2D illustrations and do not need to work with DPL tables or 3D animations.

Other important changes:

  • Improved quality of generated 2D illustrations.
  • New methods of filling 2D objects in Cortona 2D Editor Pro.
  • Ability to filter XML documents opened in the Document Editor based on specified S1000D or DITA applicability values.
  • Improved import of CAD and JT data.
  • Improved integration with Teamcenter Manufacturing: support for the Operation Activity object.


More detailed information about the new release: