Cortona3D Viewers

Cortona Viewer sind schnelle, zuverlässige und hoch interaktive Viewer

Cortona3D bietet starke, interaktive Viewer einschließlich der Cortona2D Viewer für die Ansicht con CDM Dateien und den Cortona3D Viewer für VRML-Dateien.

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Product   Platforms   Description
Cortona3D Solo      Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile   A programmable component for viewing the plugin-free RapidAuthor publications that contain 3D illustrations. The component is based on asm.js and WebGL technologies and works in most modern web browsers on different operating systems.
Сortona3D Viewer   Windows     A pluggable component for viewing VRML files. The component is also used for viewing 3D illustrations within the plugin-based RapidAuthor publications
Cortona2D Viewer   Windows  

A pluggable component for viewing a wide range of 2D graphics including CGM, BMP, GIF and JPEG. The component is also used for viewing 2D images within the plugin-based RapidAuthor publications.

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS



An application for viewing RapidAuthor publications on iOS platform. The application is also used for viewing VRML files on iOS platform.

Cortona3D Viewer for Java   Windows, Mac OS X, Linux   An API to create a cross-platform VRML viewer for operating systems supporting Oracle  Java.