Release notes for Cortona3D Viewer for iOS

Version 2.2 What's new?

Release date: 04th July 2017

  • This update addresses the issue with the infinite “updating library” loop.

Version 2.1 What's new?

Release date: 13th April 2017

  • The demo content now contains an interactive model of a car that shows how engine, gear box and chassis work depending on the driver actions.
  •  Addresses the issue related to the parts list in IPCs published with 64-bit version of Cortona3D RapidCatalog.

Version 2.0. What's new?

Release date: 25th June 2016

  • Support for audio playback in procedures.
  • Support for orthographic camera.
  • Ability to set the rotation center to the selected object.
  • Ability to fit selected object into view.
  • Predefined views in parts catalogues and procedures.
  • Ability to auto-pause the procedure at the end of each step.
  • Reworked procedure playback engine.
  • More natural camera movement when changing viewpoints in procedures and parts catalogs.
  • Support for hyperlinks in HTML table popup view.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.5. What's new?

Release date: 18th September 2014

  • Multiple selection of parts in IPC with spare parts request via e-mail
  • The ability to display and print PDF documents within parts catalogs and procedures
  • Support for table layouts and images in procedure text
  • Significantly reduced memory footprint when viewing parts catalogs and procedures, which results in better application stability and performance
  • Improved UI responsiveness when selecting parts in 3D view in large parts catalogs
  • Collections can be added to the library either via "Open in..." from another iOS app (like Mail, Dropbox, Safari) or using iTunes
  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • Russian localization
  • DDS textures support (DXT1 – DXT5, cube maps)
  • Upright navigation with angle constraints
  • Camera position can be "frozen" when playing simulation

Version 1.3

Release date: 30th September 2012

  • Procedure text view with hyperlinks to other documents and CGM graphics
  • Support for links from IPC to other documents
  • Ability to organize content into collections
  • Document opening history with the back button
  • Improved UI responsiveness for large document loading
  • Slide or shake to switch view mode (iPhone version)
  • Slide to hide or show side bar (iPad version)
  • Automatic fallback to non-antialised rendering mode in low memory conditions

version 1.2

Release date: 06th April 2012

  • New demos: two procedures for the Authomatic Transfer Vehicle of the European Space Agency
  • Support for Retina Display on the new iPad

version 1.1

Release date: 23rd February 2012

  • Hotspots in 2D drawings are synchronized with part list
  • Translucent  geometry is ignored in 3D view of part catalogs
  • Bug fixes

version 1.0

Release date: 12th October 2011

  • 3D View – Usual iOS Gestures – Zoom, Pan, etc.
  • Multiple exploded views and full Bill of Material hierarchy
  • Touch on a Part and see additional information
  • Search, Hide/Show Parts
  • Detailed Parts List – Part Number, Nomenclature, etc.
  • Full 2D CGM viewer
  • Play or scrub through animated install or remove sequences
  • Text overlay of step by step instructions
  • Designed as a universal app for iPhone and iPad
  • Support for Multi-lingual content
  • Library with sample content