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Cortona3D extends and re-brands its Virtual Manuals Products Range

29 January, 2007


Cortona3D, the leader in the provision of interactive 3D visual communication for Product Maintenance & Training, today announced the extension and renaming of its 'Virtual Manual' products under the Cortona®3D brand.

This move is taken to leverage on the success of its flagship browser Cortona3D and to make the product range resonate with a wider audience by showing the immediate tangible benefits and rapid return on investment (ROI) of Cortona3D deployments. If "a picture paints a thousand words", a 3D simulation that the user can interact with conveys valuable ‘Visual Know-How’ for the user repairing a complex product or for the writer creating mission-critical learning for executing procedures.

Cortona3D has been hugely successful in Aerospace and Defence where leaders like Boeing, Airbus and General Atomics realise the value that ‘Visual Know-How’ brings to their product documentation and learning, and have experienced accelerated time to market, increased revenue and competitive edge, and lowered product lifecycle costs. Now, a wide range of organizations, from diverse sectors such as Manufacturing, Automotive and Electronics industries are gaining similar business benefits and finding that the Cortona3D product range is unmatched in its ability to deliver more effective and efficient knowledge transfer rapidly.

The Cortona3D Viewer is the industry standard in the 3D and VRML world. It is very flexible, easy to use and deploy and enables clients to share 3D data and collaborate within an enterprise or deliver the data out to clients.

"Our flagship browser, Cortona3D is fundamental to Cortona3Ds' 3D technology and a vital part of each of our products. Everyday 10,000 users download the Cortona3D viewer. We have built on the flexibility and lightweight footprint of Cortona, and developed powerful authoring toolkits, which we are now bringing together under the Cortona3D brand. Companies can opt for an enterprise solution or one of our modular products from the Cortona3D Rapid products range. For further information, please see our new recently launched website,” says Connell Gallagher, President, Cortona3D.

Due to continued expansion, driven by accelerated demand for the Cortona3D product range, Cortona3D have extended its team and moved to a bigger European office in a new location.