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Cortona3d rapidlearning delivers 3d computer based training to the European space agency astronauts

25 January, 2006

Cortona3D, a world leader in the provision of Web3D interactive solutions, announces the delivery of a Computer Based Training solution integrating 3D interactive graphics to the European Space Agency (ESA). This innovative new solution will allow the ESA Astronaut Training Center to enrich its space-crew training materials with 3D interactive simulations. The training simulations developed using Cortona3D RapidLearning will be used for on-ground training as well as just-in-time training on-orbit at the International Space Station (ISS).

The Computer Based Training (CBT) project will improve the quality and performance of space-crews training. The training and mission operations are of crucial importance to the ISS and other manned programs like Mars mission. To support this objective, ESA has chosen the Cortona3D technology to include 3D graphics for both on-ground training and on-board astronaut refresh training. Research has shown that the 3D component will bring benefits to the task of training, such as minimizing the time required to train for a task, increasing knowledge retention and providing new insight into the operation of complex machinery or systems.

By means of the 3D-powered CBT, astronaut crews will be able to view a procedure created by a trainer or engineer, then practice the procedures using their laptops before moving to the physical mockups. The crew members can repeat the procedure training at their convenience as many times as desired prior to their mission. The CBT can also be useful for mission operations engineers and ground controllers. The tool supports the astronauts both in the preparatory ground training and as a refresh on-board training.

Cortona3D RapidLearning is a powerful authoring tool for building 3D-powered CBTs. With RapidLearning, the user can easily produce SCORM-compliant multi-mode training applications by combining 3D simulation and existing training documentation in standardized formats.

"The first expedition crew involved in the Automatic Transfer Vehicle (ATV) attached phase operations will benefit from the new generation training developed using Cortona3D RapidLearning. Astronauts will be able to refresh on-board the system procedures of the Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) just before executing them with the real hardware," said Marco Arcioni, Simulation Engineer, ESA.

"This is our second successful large-scale project with ESA and we are very happy to confirm once again that our Cortona3D technology is an ideal solution for quality-critical areas such as the training of space crews. We look forward to seeing the successful use of RapidLearning simulations in orbit on board the ISS," said Connell Gallagher, President, Cortona3D.