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ENKOTEC uses Cortona3D RapidAuthor to replace traditional textual documentation with interactive manuals and parts catalogs

18 May, 2021


ENKOTEC, the world’s leading supplier of machinery for the mass-production of wire nails chooses RapidAuthor to create 2D/3D publications.

The decision to replace traditional textual documentation with interactive 3D manuals and parts catalogs was taken because ENKOTEC sells its machinery worldwide and operators with different reading capabilities need quick access to operation and maintenance information. In addition, ENKOTEC customers have to constantly train new employees, and the more user-friendly and visual materials will be provided, the more effective the training will be.

By reducing the amount of text in the documentation as much as possible and using 3D animations, illustrations, and graphical interfaces, the documentation does not require translation, and there are more chances that interactive manuals will be used and understood by operators instead of doing something intuitively and making errors.

“The purpose was to simplify operations & maintenance of machinery for our customers. The technical knowledge is mostly the same as before but it is delivered in a very different form. Now we offer interactive solutions which could not have been provided on a piece of paper. As a result, even newcomers can easily access necessary information, and can be easily trained,” says Maziyar Fransgaard Nesari, Product Manager, ENKOTEC.

RapidAuthor was chosen for its ability to reuse CAD data for authoring after-sales documentation. Some customization was provided by the Cortona3D team to adjust the layout and interface of RapidAuthor publications by ENKOTEC’s requirements.

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