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A Next Generation of the Cortona3D Viewer is Released

4 October, 2006

The Cortona3D viewer has been playing multiple roles in the development of organizations' technologies. Initially designed as an interactive 3D plug-in for Internet browsers, the Cortona3D viewer soon surpassed these requirements and became a powerful 3D visualization tool, now incorporated in all Cortona3D authoring tools in various business areas such as training, product maintenance and support, distribution of spare parts and visualization of scientific data. The Cortona3D viewer is also widely used within third party products and thousands of people visit the Cortona3D website each day to download the viewer. The users range from world-wide enterprises to small research and educational institutions.

Cortona 5.0 introduces a range of innovative features that will benefit both developers and ordinary web users. These include support for advanced visual effects and realistic surfaces (DirectX shaders), new interactive features (layers), and improved performance (renewed rendering algorithms). Cortona 5.0 now supports the latest hardware accelerators (DirectX 9.x.).

Cortona 5.0 also offers new opportunities for developers of web applications. Its powerful programming interfaces, previously provided only for Internet Explorer are now also available for Netscape Browser, Mozilla, and Firefox. This allows for the creation of universal 3D content and the expansion of target audiences.

"The Cortona3D viewer has always been fundamental to the Cortona3Ds' 3D technology and has made huge progress since its creation in the late 90's. This is a result of close cooperation with leading hardware and software providers and strong relationships with company's customers, who have provided us with invaluable feedback," said George Pachikov, CEO, Cortona3D. "We will maintain this customer centric approach to ensure that future releases of the Cortona3D viewer rapidly respond to market needs."