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Sukhoi to test 3d aircraft maintenance solution from Cortona3d

14 November, 2005

The Sukhoi Company, the largest Russian aviation holding company, and Cortona3D, a world leader in the provision of Web3D interactive solutions, have launched a joint pilot project to provide 3D powered technical documentation for aircraft maintenance and repair –Cortona3D.

The Cortona3D Technology from Cortona3D offers manufacturing companies a new approach in the provision of product life cycle support and effective maintenance and repair services. 3D animations of technical procedures (assembly, maintenance and repair) allow personnel to quickly adopt new technology in addition to learning new skills as well. 3D animations are created from highly optimized 3D data originating from CAD, so they can be freely distributed throughout the company and to its customers.

The Sukhoi Company is the largest aviation holding company in Russia and the largest Russian exporter of aircraft. The company is also the third largest manufacturer in the world, in terms of the volume of modern fighter aircraft. The number of the Su aircraft operating abroad is also increasing and this has placed new demands on the company's logistical support system, and in particular, on the provision of the maintenance and repair documentation. One of the key issues in the delivery of technical documentation is the language barrier. This can be broken with the help of 3D simulations that use a universal visual language understandable all over the world.

"We were looking for new methods of providing effective logistical support for exported equipment, and at establishing joint service centers with our customers. The creation of visual technical documentation based on the latest technologies helps us take the next step in achieving this," said Vladimir Strashny, Director, Aviation Complex Logistic Support for the Sukhoi Company.

"For the last few years, Cortona3D has been successfully cooperating with the largest international companies in the aerospace industry such as Boeing and the European Space Agency. We are very happy that leading Russian manufacturers, such as Sukhoi, are now showing a growing interest in our technologies," said George Pachikov, CEO, Cortona3D.