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Auto & Transport Industry

The Automotive industry faces very real challenges in order to operate profitably with increasing complexities in the industry. Customers demand highly configured vehicles and rate services including extended warranties and Service Level Agreements higher than ever. This puts manufacturers under a lot of pressure to deliver quality products globally resulting in the following challenges:

  • Need to go to market faster with more innovation to stay competitive
  • Meet industry regulatory requirements
  • Deliver after sales material globally in local languages
  • Collaboration with suppliers to ensure complete after market service and support
  • Ensure quality documentation at an assembly line level to communicate highly configured vehicle assembly instruction

The Cortona3D RapidAuthor, technical authoring suite and its Siemens Teamcenter integration enables you to solve all these challenges. 

  • The reuse of product information such as engineering and BOM data drastically reduces rework/re-illustration and therefore speeds up time to market
  • Based on Industry standards
  • Creates lightweight 3D data for easier deployment to suppliers via web portal
  • 3D visual quality reduces the need for a lot of text, therefore reduces need for translation
  • Update Process within Siemens Teamcenter allows for faster product documentation updates
  • Full 2D and 3D publishing including 2D and 3D PDF support enables author-once publish to anywhere
  • Full support for iPad deployment enables you to support next generation demand for technical publications