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Shipbuilding Industry

Global, mobile assets like ships require support and maintenance solutions on a global basis. Similarly manufacturing may not be co-located with Design – it may be half way around the World. Shipbuilding is truly a global market with global problems:

  • Collaborative design with global supplier base
  • Diversified global manufacturing
  • Mobile assets requiring maintenance globally
  • Very long lifecycle — 30 to 50+ years
  • Re-fit and periodic upgrade — changing configuration

Across the shipbuilding industry, global demand for ships is at an all time high. Companies must provide Innovative and reliable 24/7 information both at time of manufacture, re-fit and through life support.



In manufacturing PLM systems like Siemens Teamcenter are gathering all the design and technical information. The Cortona3D RapidAuthor integrated with Teamcenter provides a method to gather all this information into assembly work instructions including both traditional 2D and interactive 3D. The solution provide manufacturers with the ability to transform design and engineering information into the technical documentation required for manufacturing, both internal and outsourced.


Manuals & Maintenance

Ship owners must collate and manage a large number of manuals, maintenance plans and catalogs. Cortona3D RapidAuthor supports the authoring of information based on the Shipdex documentation standard enabling the distribution of information in a common standard way. Savings for owner/operators include:

  • No data re-typing needed
  • Quick loading of ERP/CMM
  • Office space (paperless)
  • Better data adds to safety onboard
  • Less risk of using outdated information
  • Easier to identify needed spare parts
  • Overview of maintenance tasks
  • Reuse data across fleet
  • Data exchange with equipment makers