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The correct way to scale an object

Normally, you should use correct import settings to get appropriate size of your geometry instead of scaling objects.

If you still want to use Scale command we would suggest this procedure of scaling objects in RapidAuthor tools:

Add an object from Object Gallery or select a part

Adjust its position in 3D space by using Edit position

Create new separate step for scaling

Create new Action "Investigate" with your object in the separate step

Remove Flash command

  • Add Scale command and scale the object
  • Name this step (not mandatory)
  • Right-click on the Step and choose Edit
  • Check option "Set duration to zero"
  • Create an Action with scaled object in the separate step (after Scaling step) – don't adjust movement direction yet
  • Refresh procedure and skip Scaling step on the time line (Next Group button or F12)
  • Adjust its position again to suit your needs
  • Adjust movement (Transform command)

Please note: scaling and moving the object should be in separate steps.