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Error message when opening “Racing bike (ready sample)” in RapidManual or RapidLearning

The following error message appears:

Could not load representation “Initial - added” for item “PanelText” (id: _5DAE584AF1964C51961560A55C78E156). This representation will be skipped.

This topic applies to:
Racing bike (ready sample) – Building 3D Procedures in Rapid Manual (Quick Start Guide). RapidAuthor 9.1.

Problem description:
The error message appears when you open the “Racing bike (ready sample)” project in RapidManual or RapidLearning. This project is referenced in “Building 3D Procedures in Rapid Manual (Quick Start Guide).”

Download the _5DAE584AF1964C51961560A55C78E156.wrl file and save it in the following folder on your computer (do not change the file name): C:\ProgramData\ParallelGraphics\VM\3DProcedureTutorial\Projects\Representations\