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RapidGenerator BOM import from Excel format

RapidGenerator’s Excel plug-in is designed to create IPC projects by using data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This plug-in creates a new IPC project that only contains a filled DPL table. It is also possible to import and add Excel data to any existing IPC project. Either way, geometry items should linked with DPL rows manually.

The Excel spreadsheet specifies the specification component to be used and, optionally, the project language. Please make sure that the required specification component is installed in the Cortona3D Rapid Catalog system.

There are several templates available for creating Excel spreadsheets, or exporting data from a database to the format accepted by the plug-in.

The following are the requirements for the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:

  • The worksheet should be saved in a Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbook format (*.xls).
  • The workbook should contain one worksheet.
  • The first row can contain one or two cells:
    • The first cell should contain the ID of the IPC specification to be used: GENERIC_IPC, S1000D2_3_IPD, or ATA2200_EIPC.
    • The second cell should contain the ID of the language, for example, "en" for English or "ru" for Russian. It should be one of the languages supported by the specification component. If the specification component supports only one language, the cell should be left blank.
  • The second row is the table header. It should contain metadata names. The metadata can be associated with DPL rows or parts.
  • All subsequent rows should contain the metadata values. The plug-in creates a separate DPL row for each of these worksheet rows. Empty cells are ignored.
  • The first column should contain unique identifiers of parts. Parts are usually identified by PARTNUMBER or PNR metadata. DPL rows having the same value in the first column are linked to the same part. For each empty cell in the column, a separate DPL row is created with unique part number beginning with "NO-NUMBER".
  • All columns except the first one are optional and may appear in any order.