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Research has proven time and again that interactive 3D learning improves comprehension, retention and on-the-job performance and costs less than product mockups, physical simulations, and other active learning approaches.

Cortona3D RapidLearning is the first ‘out of the box’ learning toolkit for producing digital interactive training applications using animated 3D simulations. It combines existing CAD assets with training documentation to generate visually realistic, interactive learning. RapidLearning guides trainers through the production process, prompting them to illustrate each step of the training scenario with a corresponding 3D animation and build a complete RapidLearning simulation.

Benefits at a glance

  • Optimize return on training investment (ROI)
  • Cut training program development & distribution costs
  • Accelerate Training Timelines
  • Lower localization costs
  • Increase effectiveness of learning
  • Attach existing S1000D documentation to auto-generate your animation structure
  • Generate 2D CGM image of your 3D view
  • Improve safety
  • Field training
  • LMS and SCORM compliance
  • Add audio to your animation easily


What’s the result?

An animated, interactive 3D training simulation usable as a standalone application or integrated with existing SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems (LMS). Trainees control the learning process and can move between three different training modes: 

Demo   Observe step-by-step procedures in 3D training animation and interact with 3D models by rotating, zooming and reading the corresponding textual documentation. Examine the object from any angle to understand how parts fit together. 

Study   Experience real machinery in an interactive environment. Trainees are prompted to complete simulated maintenance and repairs in an realistic 3D environment. 

Exam   Evaluate trainees with a series of skills tests: identify part configurations, select correct items, progress through step-by-step procedures without prompting. The performance of a trainee is captured and can be reviewed or transferred to an LMS.