Life Sciences

Investment in healthcare continues to grow across the World. New innovations and procedures are constantly being introduced, but Medical device manufacturers are facing very tough challenges:

  • Increasing R&D spend drives innovation but competitors are investing equally
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance
  • Traceability through manufacturing and back to design
  • Intense market conditions and need to bring products to market faster
  • Global multi-lingual customer base

Across the equipment life-cycle there is a constant need for technical documentation, both for regulators, users and service personnel. Mistakes in documentation will delay approval or worse still effect the outcome of a medical procedure.

Cortona3D RapidAuthor provides a complete authoring solution that uses the design and engineering information to create all of the required documents including:

  • Technical information for certification and approval
  • User Training information including interactive 3D
  • Service and maintenance material
  • Parts Catalogs

As the documentation is linked directly to the engineering and design, if there are updates and changes these can be easily incorporated as updated versions delivered immediately.