What’s New in Cortona3D Rapid Tools - Version 5.1

Full XML authoring capability  

  • XMax is embedded within the tools as a document editor window – text can be authored directly in XML and tasks and steps can be synchronized.
  • All graphical references are applied directly in the tool. 2D images can be embed and viewed directly in the XML window.
  • Support for DITA XML authoring.
  • Support for S1000D v4.0 XML authoring.
  • Easily configured for customer specific DTD and Schema.
Benefit: Improved authoring process enables the author to write the XML text while simultaneously creating the necessary graphics and synchronizing both.


Improved Data Import

  • There is now a single Rapid Data Conversion module replacing the previous Rapid Data Import Tool_XXX plug-ins and RapidPDF.
  • Inventor and Solid Edge plug-ins added to RDC.
Benefit: Continuous improvements in multi-CAD import process.

Expanding Standards Support

  • S1000D v4.0 support for IPD in RapidCatalog.
  • S1000D v4.0 support for procedures in RapidManual.
Benefit: Continued improvements to workflow and support for customers using the latest standards

Improved Support for 2D/3D Images

  • Generation of high resolution print capable 2D raster images of the current 3D view.
  • Improvements in CGM generation - WebCGM 2.0 support.
Benefit: Overall performance improvements in 2D/3D illustration generation

Authoring Process Improvements

  • Ability to customize gallery objects by changing its parameters and then saving back to the gallery.
  • New commands 'Activate on All Pages', 'Deactivate on All Pages' in DPL-table for Rapid Catalog.
Benefit: A range of authoring improvements aimed at delivering process and workflow improvements.

Improvements in Published Output

  • New PDF-template for RapidCatalog (interactivity between 3D and Parts List).
Benefit: These capabilities improve the published content and enhance the end-user interface.

Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) support

  • 32 bit support for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). Full 64bit support will be available in a later release.
Benefit: Support for workstation and higher spec machines improves performance.