What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor – V6.2

Release date: 04 July, 2012.

Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) support

RapidAuthor v 6.2 will support the import and manipulation of Product and Manufacturing Information metadata both on the part level and assembly level. Companies are increasingly replacing Engineering Drawings with 3D Model Based Design. This means that companies can now deliver interactive 3D work instructions to the factory floor with all the necessary manufacturing information available to the user. 



  • Follows ISO Standard 16792: Technical product documentation — Digital product definition data practices.
  • PMI Support for full range of CAD formats including: NX, SolidEdge, Catia, Pro-E, Solidworks, etc.
  • Part level PMI
  • Assembly Level PMI
  • Visualization & Manipulation of PMI
  • Turn PMI on/off in published documents
  • Publish with / without PMI



Benefit: Deliver interactive 3D work instructions to the factory floor with all the necessary manufacturing information available to the user.

Expanded integration with Teamcenter

RapidAuthor can now import the BOP (Bill of Process) from Teamcenter MPP (Manufacturing Process Planner). As product design grows in complexity, the need for more sophisticated manufacturing planning and work instructions increases. This means that the standard routing text, resources and 3D Views included in the Bill of Process can now be automatically mapped to the RapidAuthor Work Instruction template.
Benefit: This allows the efficient creation of interactive 3D work instructions by reusing manufacturing planning information.

Automated Update

As engineering design changes, it is important to update the support documentation. With a new update wizard, technical publications can be easily updated to reflect the engineering changes with the minimal amount of effort.
  • Update/Change information comes from Teamcenter
  • Configured Business Rules apply the changes
  • The RapidAuthor tool interface identifies the changes
  • Author can accept or reject changes (Update Wizard)
Benefit: Faster, easier and more efficient processing of engineering changes.

Expanded support for DITA standard

Now RapidAuthor can create an IPC in accordance with the DITA standard.
Benefit: Extended out-of-the-box support for an industry standard format. 

Improvements of text authoring

To simplify XML authoring, the menu and toolbar of XML editor can be now customized using XML and script Macros. Custom forms created with XMetal Developer can also be applied.

Benefit: Simplified XML authoring. 

Improvements of DPL authoring 

  • "Hide inactive rows" mode in DPL editor
  • Invert Selection in DPL editor
  • “Find in DPL” works for multiple selected items
Benefit: Improved productivity for creating Parts Catalogs.


  • Publish option “Force DirectX Renderer” which allows the use of the currently selected in Cortona3D Viewer renderer. Can be useful for remote desktop and virtual machines.
  • Different external editor setting for raster and vector 2D images.
  • Ablity to search items by metadata value in “Select by Query” window in RM/RL.
Benefit: These improvements provide additional efficiencies over traditional manual illustration processes.