What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor 7.1

Release date: 03 September, 2013.


There are two different versions of the software: RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S.

RapidAuthor S is integrated with Teamcenter and imports JT data; RapidAuthor imports the data originated in various CAD formats (e.g. CATIA, SolidWorks, Autodesk).

Updates in RapidAuthor S only

Teamcenter Manufacturing Integration

  • Ability to create work instructions from BOP.
  • Ability to update procedures imported from BOP.
  • A new RWI_STEP specification component supporting BOP functionality is included into RapidAuthor S.

Improved Teamcenter Integration

  • Update process is no longer based on revision rules and can be applied to any product structure change.
  • Editing session can be restored in case of lost connection or the software crash.
  • While working with Teamcenter the Close Project command closes RapidAuthor without saving the project in Teamcenter.
  • Default timeout has been increased to 600 s. This enables the export of large projects over slow connections.

Solid Edge Integration

  • Ability to create projects directly from Solid Edge and link them to the Solid Edge file.
  • Ability to launch RapidAuthor S directly from Solid Edge.

DPL Update

  • Ability to update DPL imported from Teamcenter.


Updates in RapidAuthor only


Improved CAD import

  • New formats:

          Rhino v.4, v.5

          Siemens PLM NX v.8.5

          SolidWorks 2013

          ACIS up to v.23

         Autodesk Inventor 2014

         CATIA V5-6R2013

  • Ability to import hidden parts.

Updates in RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S

Improved 2D Image Update

  • Ability to update edited graphics. Previous geometry is saved in invisible layers.
  • Updated callouts are marked with a different color.
  • Ability to adjust the update settings for geometry and callouts.
  • Ability to update a particular 2D image.
  • Ability to specify the size of created 2D images.
  • The 2D image settings can be changed directly from the 2D Preview window.

Improved composite printing

  • Support for composite printing in Firefox and Chrome for specification components included in RapidAuthor.
  • Improved quality of CGM images in composite printing.

Improved S1000D support

  • S1000D support has been improved in all RapidAuthor S1000D specification components. A correct data module name is generated from the corresponding document elements.
  • The Document Editor supports the table creation and editing in S1000D 2.3 or 4.0 documents.  

Cortona2D Editor Pro Improvements

  • A new Join Tool is now available. It allows for merging the objects of the same type into one object.
  • A new Fill Tool is available. It allows for filling selected closed regions in 2D drawing.
  • Keeping the direction while editing the lines and polylines with the SHIFT button pressed.
  • Keeping the primitive adding mode with the CTRL button pressed.
  • Ability to rotate selection on arbitrary angle.

Manipulator Improvement

  • The manipulator size has been increased for easier grabbing and better visibility.

Other improvements

  • Published documentation can now be viewed in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Improved export to 2D PDF.
  • Ability to embed textures and other resources into published VRML file.
  • Auto-resize for the PanelText object.
  • Performance and quality improvement for 2D image generation.