What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor 8.0

Release date: 18 March 2015.


There are two different versions of the software: RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S. RapidAuthor S is integrated with Teamcenter and imports JT data; RapidAuthor imports data in various CAD formats (e.g. CATIA, NX, SolidWorks).

Teamcenter Integration Improvements

Improved import process

  • Now the data import can be performed in the background mode.
  • Support for importing alternative representations of parts from PLMXML.
  • Ability to cancel the import process.
  • The percentage indicator of the import process is now displayed.
  • Improved BOP import from PLMXML: ability to import 3D objects that are included in the procedure structure (ProcessView), but are not included in the hierarchical structure (ProductView, PlantView).
  • Custom plug-ins do not replace the default import plug-in any longer – their use is defined by the import profile.

Fixed Bugs

  • Errors related to the project updating have been fixed.
  • RapidGenerator does not switch the default working area when the data import from Teamcenter is completed.
  • RapidDataImportTool saves the information about the profile selected before importing the data from Teamcenter.

Updates in RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S

Authoring process improvements

  • Ability to change representation parameters such as crease angle, solid, ccw.
  • The current representations of items are displayed in the Representation column of the Item List.
  • The Procedure Editor timeline now displays marks for moments when a 2D image was created.
  • Support for hyphenation in published 2D PDF documents.
  • Ability to customize colors in Procedure editor.

Improved data import

  • Legacy import plug-ins are now hidden by default to simplify the plug-in selection.

Cortona2D Editor Pro improvements

  • A new gallery of parametric objects such as arrows, callouts, composite lines and simple shapes.
  • Ability to select several points of an object and apply some group operations to them.
  • Support for various units of measurement (meter, millimeter).
  • Ability to move an object in accordance with specified coordinates.
  • Ability to convert any object into hotspot region.
  • The Keyline view now displays hotspot regions.
  • Names of layers and hotspots are displayed in Metafile Explorer.

Fixed bugs

  • The memory leak in the Capture 3D command.
  • The XML Editor error that occurred when the user collapsed an element containing an image.
  • Incorrect part positioning in IPC publications.
  • If the source data of an object contain several metadata with the same name, only the value of the first metadata is used while the values of other metadata with the same name are ignored (in the previous version the values of metadata with the same name were joined together).

Other changes

  • Improved naming of generated 2D images to avoid name duplication.
  • The rotation center is not displayed by default in IPC publications created using the out-of-the-box specification components.
  • Automatic identification of a floating license server within a local network (when client and server are located on a single network segment).
  • Improved update algorithms.
  • Ability to customize the S1000D 4.0 Procedure specification component with RapidDeveloper.
  • Improved display of IsoDraw’s CGM files in Cortona2D Viewer.

Updates in RapidAuthor only

Improved CAD import

  • Support for JT 10, NX 10, CATIA V5-6 2014, Solid Edge ST7, Creo Parametric 3.0, Autodesk Inventor 2015, SolidWorks 2015, Parasolid 27.

Updates in RapidDeveloper and RapidDeveloper S

  • Possibility to select the reading rules for PLMXML geometry and change their priorities. This allows to handle deformable geometry, CAD part alignment and other complex scenarios within a customized Teamcenter environment.
  • Possibility to disable the re-indexing of DPL rows during update. This allows to generate DPL row numbers during initial import and avoid complications in the update process.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.