What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor 8.1

Release date: 12 October 2015.


There are two different versions of the software: RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S. RapidAuthor S is integrated with Teamcenter and imports JT data; RapidAuthor imports data in various CAD formats (e.g. CATIA, NX, SolidWorks).

Updates in RapidAuthor and RapidAuthor S

Authoring process improvements

  • Support for S1000D 4.1.
  • RapidManual/RapidLearning: Multiple 2D image generation for selected 3D procedure steps.
  • RapidManual/RapidLearning: Ability to create video from 3D procedure.
  • RapidCatalog: Generation of the thrust lines in 3D explosion views is improved and these lines may be shown in publications.
  • Improved generation of 2D images from 3D geometry: support for transparent objects, improved callouts placement algorithm and callout alignment options.

Cortona2D Editor Pro improvements

  • Ability to create and edit hatch styles.
  • Ability to rotate objects around an arbitrary center.
  • Ability to select objects by using an arbitrary closed line (Lasso tool).

Multi-threaded import of CAD data

  • Multi-threaded import of CAD data significantly speeds up the import process.

JT data Import*

  • Importing textures from JT files.
  • Support for JT layer filters.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

* The users of RapidAuthor will need to use an extra import plug-in (Rapid JT Component) to access this functionality.

Other changes

  • The floating licenses are automatically reassigned when the connection with the license server is restored after break, they are not blocked by the server as before.

Updates in RapidAuthor only

Improved CAD import

  • Support for CATIA V5-6, R2015, Autodesk Inventor 2016, 3D PDF.
  • Numerous improvements and bug fixing in importing Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, JT, SolidEdge, CATIA, NX, IGES and STEP data.

Teamcenter Integration Improvements

 Integration with Teamcenter CMS is now available

  • Content developed with RapidAuthor S can be now saved in Teamcenter CMS. Changes in the RapidAuthor S project will be reflected in corresponding CMS data.
  • Configurable templates allow for delivering RapidAuthor S publications to Teamcenter CMS in accordance with S1000D 4.1 and DITA 1.1 standard.

Updates in RapidDeveloper and RapidDeveloper S

  • 64-bit version of RapidConfiguration is now available.
  • JT layer filter support (requires RapidAuthor S or Rapid JT Component).
  • Ability to use measurement units information from the JT file (requires RapidAuthor S or Rapid JT Component).
  • Ability to define the active representation of the items.

Updates in Cortona2D Viewer

  • Cortona2D Viewer has been updated to support new functionality of RapidAuthor.