What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor – Version 6.0


Release date: April 01, 2011.

Bundles all previous Rapid Tools into one RapidAuthor

  • RapidCatalog, RapidManual, RapidLearning, RapidWorkInstructions, RapidDataConvertor and RapidDataImportTools are bundled into one product – RapidAuthor *.
  • Will apply to both node-locked licenses and floating licenses.
  • All customers on maintenance will receive an optional upgrade to RapidAuthor.
  • Pricing will be set at a similar level to previous single product licenses.

Benefit: Access to all the Rapid Tools under one single license. No need to manage various numbers of individual tools – the New RapidAuthor product covers all. 

*  “RapidAuthor S” includes RapidJTComponent instead of RapidDataConvertor.


Improvements in text authoring

  • Simplified work with 2D hotspots in XML document.
  • Support for multi-sheet 2D illustrations.
  • CGM illustrations are visible in document editing window.
  • Localization for XML document stylesheets.
  • Easily configured for customer specific DTD and Schema.

Benefit: Improved authoring process enables the author to write the XML text while simultaneously creating the necessary graphics and synchronizing both. 


Improved Data Import

  • Improved import - much smaller install size.
  • Updated support for existing formats (NX 7.5, Solid Edge ST2, SolidWorks 2011).
  • New RapidDataImportTool (Universal) plug-in supporting more formats (3D XML, I-deas, IGES, Parasolid, STEP, STL, VDA-FS).

Benefit: Continuous improvements in multi-CAD import process. 


Improvements in 2D viewing and generation

  • 2D images generated in procedures are linked to the procedure action and timeline allowing automated update (including raster images generated from 3D).
  • 2D images generated in catalogs are linked to the sheet view allowing automated update (including raster images from 3D)
  • Cortona2D Viewer will be available as a distributable component.
  • Ability to show one or multiple callouts for similar parts.
  • Ability to show one or multiple leader lines per callout.
  • Optional SVG output.
  • Clipping of the scene to the back of the camera for orthogonal projections.

Improvements in Cortona2D Viewer

New improved CGM Viewer with distribution license. Big improvement inperformance and image quality versus competitors. Includes support for:

  • WebCGM v2.0.
  • Support for BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, and EMF.
  • Usage on 64-bit computers.
  • Shell extension for 2D image preview in Windows Explorer (thumbnails)

Benefit: Overall performance improvements in 2D illustration generation, viewing and updating.

Authoring Process Improvements

  • Performance improvement on project loading and publishing in RapidManual / RapidLearning
  • In-tool palette for object gallery and expanded Tool library.
  • Common animation/positioning dialog boxes ('Screw' actions are edited with standard dialog).
  • Improved navigation in 3D - Possibility to set center of rotation when navigating in 3D.
  • Enhancements to the manipulator.
  • Enhancement in RapidCatalog. Freeze camera option when moving between sheets.

Benefit: A range of authoring improvements aimed at delivering process and workflow improvements. 

Single Redistributable 3D/2D Viewer

  • Optional single re-distributable installer containing both Cortona3D viewer and new improved CGM viewer (Cortona2D Viewer). Available from Cortona3D website.

Benefit: Easily deliver content to end-users.


Improvements in Published Output

  • New more flexible PDF output options.
  • Publish to 2D PDF (Initially for S1000D specifications and customer specifications on request).
  • 3D PDF publish doesn't require Adobe Acrobat.
  • Publishing support for new versions of the Cortona Viewer – Android, iPad, Java.

Benefit: These capabilities improve the published content and enhance the end-user interface.


Authoring Tool Interface Localisation

  • Cortona3D is planning to release localized versions of the RapidAuthor tool during 2011.
  • The new version will have English, German and Russian installation options. More languages will follow.
  • It should be noted that the RapidAuthor tool already supports multilingual content authoring.
  • Support for multilingual audio clips in procedures.

Benefit: Although technical communications is generally a multilingual sector customers will benefit from localized interfaces. 

Licensing improvements

  • Support for password-protected proxy during license request.
  • Improved failover server support.
  • Floating server on Unix platform (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32-bit), SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (32-bit)).
  • Request for all available licenses in License Administrator (Server) instead of specifying license count.
  • Simple mode in License Administrator (Server).

Benefit: Improved and simplified license administration. 


Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) support

  • 32 bit support for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). Full 64bit support will be available in a later release.

Benefit: Support for workstation and higher specification machines, improves performance