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RapidIllustrator is a tool in the Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite tailored to the creation of 2D illustrations from 3D geometry for parts catalogs, procedures and other types of after-sales documentation.

Data Import

RapidIllustrator allows for importing 3D models in various CAD formats including CATIA, NX, JT, SolidEdge, etc. While importing data, 3D models are optimized and a set of representations with various surface quality is created.

Editing 3D models

With RapidIllustrator the user can easily and quickly edit 3D models before generating 2D images:

  • Create exploded views
  • Create section planes
  • Edit materials
  • Trim items
  • Edit item transparency
  • Add parametric objects such as hose, spring, callout, etc. from expandable object gallery.

Generation of 2D illustrations

  • Generate 2D illustration from 3D model by a mouse click.
  • Generate callouts automatically.
  • Supported formats: CGM, SVG,  JPG, and PNG.

Update of 2D illustrations

  • Ability for semi-automatic update of 2D images when initial CAD-data are updated.
  • Publishing
  • RapidIllustrator is supplied along with specification component of a special type - Generic Illustrations. Custom specifications with custom styles and custom sets of output data can be created on demand.
  • Ability to create plugin-free HTML-publications for viewing created 3D/2D illustrations.
  • Ability to create PDF publications.