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Meet RapidAuthor 13.1 with the new formula editor, new augmented reality capabilities, and enhanced support for DITA standard

4 February, 2021


Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 13.1, a new version of a toolkit for creating interactive technical publications with an advanced formula editor, new features for augmented reality content creation, support for publication structure and new topic types for DITA authoring, and a new RapidAuthor Viewer for offline viewing of publications.

RapidAuthor 13.1 now contains a new Formula Editor for creating and editing formulas in XML documents compliant with DITA and S1000D standards.

Authoring of DITA publications has been improved: RapidAuthor has now components for creating documentation consisting of several topics, components for creating a course structure, and new types of topics.

A new RapidAuthor Viewer is designed for offline viewing of RapidAuthor technical publications on the Windows platform. The viewer can be installed easily and quickly so the content can be viewed offline without configuring a web browser or installing a web server

RapidAuthor, RapidManual, and RapidLearning now include an AR component that allows for creating content that can be reused in AR software such as REFLEKT ONE from RE’FLEKT and CAP from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions.

Integration with REFLEKT ONE and Teamcenter, a PLM system from Siemens DISW, enables AR scenario authoring in Teamcenter, including authoring of 3D-animations, point of interest, and information screens, as well as tracking AR configurations in Teamcenter.

Cortona3D continues to work on performance improvements and time-saving features: refresh of a RapidManual procedure works up to ten times faster than before; all user settings such as publish options, screen layout, display modes, etc. can be saved for future use and shared with other users. Teamcenter Single Sign-On is now supported, multiple logins are not required any longer.

More information about RapidAuthor 13.1: