RapidManual for Teamcenter

RapidManual for Teamcenter

Create 3D interactive electronic technical manuals, operating procedures, and assembly work instructions in integration with Teamcenter whether for operations, service, maintenance, or repair
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RapidManual for Teamcenter
RapidManual for Teamcenter
RapidManual for Teamcenter

RapidManual for Teamcenter allows authors to create 3D digital interactive maintenance and operation manuals, work instructions, and job cards in integration with Siemens DISW PLM system Teamcenter and its modules.

The tool speeds up product documentation authoring by re-using existing product lifecycle data from Teamcenter resulting in better product manuals in a fraction of the time. RapidManual for Teamcenter allows creating 2D illustrations, 3D animations, and text to clearly communicate complex mechanical procedures and store created documents in Teamcenter. 3D manuals emphasize visual knowledge transfer rather than reading comprehension, minimizing translation issues and improving information retention.

RapidManual for Teamcenter is a component of the RapidAuthor for Teamcenter. You can receive comprehensive sales information on the Siemens DISW website.

Authoring of manuals and work instructions
Key features
  • Smooth integration with Teamcenter PLM
  • Integration with Teamcenter Content Management System
  • Integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace
  • Use templates compliant with ATA2200, S1000D, DITA, SCORM
  • Create 3D animations, 2D illustrations, and descriptions for the procedure steps in a single application integrated with Teamcenter
  • Attach an existing SGML/XML document that complies with S1000D, DITA, or ATA standards. Automatically create the structure of the procedure based on the existing manual.
  • Add interactive notes, warnings, and cautions to procedure steps
  • Automatically generate 2D illustrations from 3D modules
  • Automatically generate relevant text based on the 3D model and chosen actions
  • Synchronize the step description with the corresponding animation step
  • Invert procedure, for example, automatically create an assembly procedure from an existing disassembly procedure
  • Create 3D and 2D magnifiers
  • Create and animate cross-sections
  • Update 3D geometry, metadata, generated 2D graphics, and procedures when engineering or PLM data change
  • Preview manuals and work instructions as PDF or HTML publication in Teamcenter
  • The user interface is available in English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Italian
  • Concurrent product and documentation development speed time to market
  • Better manuals increase revenue opportunities and customer loyalty
  • Reusing existing resources cuts costs massively
  • Share outputs and reuse the content in downstream processes
  • Embed interactive manuals into your web or mobile applications
  • Achieve compliance and safety
  • Maintenance and support
  • Customization
  • Consultancy
  • Training
Axle assembly work instruction
Turbine disassembly procedure
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