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You are responsible for operations, service, or customer support and face challenges trying to communicate complex procedures to a global market effectively. Traditional methods don’t work and are laborious, costly and error prone.

Cortona3D RapidManual is the first ‘out of the box’ toolkit for fast and easy production of 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) / Operating Procedures / Assembly Work (Installation) Instructions, whether for operations, service, maintenance or repair. RapidManual uses animated 3D simulations to clearly communicate complex mechanical procedures. 3D manuals encourage ‘Visual Know-How’, minimizing translation issues and improving information retention. 

Benefits at a glance

  • Concurrent Product and Documentation Development speeds Time to Market
  • Better Manuals Increase Revenue Opportunities and Customer Loyalty
  • Re-using existing resources Cuts Costs massively
  • Attach existing S1000D documentation to auto-generate your animation structure
  • 2D CGM image of your 3D view can be generated
  • Share Outputs and Reuse Content in Downstream Processes
  • Achieve Compliance and Safety
  • Easily add audio to your animation


RapidManual provides an easy to use intuitive framework that allows authors to easily create 3D Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) / Operating Procedures / Assembly Work (Installation) Instructions, where the content is driven by the 3D object – whether it's for operations, service, repairs or maintenance.

  1. Select the part in either the Cortona3D viewer or from the parts list
  2. Choose an action from an easily extendable library of animation actions such as: ‘loosen/tighten’, ‘connect/disconnect’
  3. Timelines, actions and viewpoints can be modified, if required
  4. Preview your animation in the 3D viewer
  5. Publish the finished project as a standalone document or integrate into any external system

What’s the result?

More visual, hence more effective manuals and product documentation saves time and money in manufacturing, servicing, repairs and delivers a better ‘total product’.

HOW IT WORKS – 'Visual Know-How' for Product Documentation

  • Navigate the product, parts and assemblies
  • Rotate, zoom and view from different angles
  • Play, pause and skip through simulation to gain an intuitive understanding of the procedure
  • Textual description of procedural step is highlighted as animation is played