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Cortona3D is introducing a new reseller in Israel: Galili Consulting, Documentation, and Training Ltd

11 August 2022

Cortona3D, a proven leader in technical documentation authoring solutions, has entered into a reseller agreement with Galili Consulting, Documentation, and Training Ltd. to make Cortona3D’s software products closer to the Israel market.

Working with customers and partners all over the world for many years, Cortona3D understands that each market has its specificity, so the company is continuously growing its reseller network.
Galili Ltd. has strong expertise in the field of engineering, technical publications, and training in such industries as aviation, defense, transportation, and printing. This is combined with a good understanding of customer requirements and trends in the country. Galili’s area of interest also includes cutting-edge technologies like augmented, extended, and mixed-reality solutions.

The reseller program will allow Galili Ltd. to bring Cortona3D authoring tools to the market and implement them as a part of the customer's ecosystems, providing innovative solutions for the creation of technical documentation from product design data. Integrating the authoring tools into IT infrastructure secures manufacturers' advantages allowing them to accelerate time-to-market due to more rapid production of technical documentation, lower costs, and offer their customers technical publications of various formats from printable 2D PDF to interactive 3D and AR.

About Galili Consulting Documentation and Training LTD

Founded in 1983, Galili Consulting, Documentation and Training Ltd. ( pprovides professional knowledge transfer solutions for manufacturing industries using extended reality technologies and advanced electronic tools. The company offers its customers powerful IETM / IETP solutions, extended and mixed reality applications, and remote assistance systems to mention just a few. Galili works in the Israel market in various industries including aviation, defense, transportation, and printing.

About Cortona3D

Founded in 2000, Cortona3D ( provides 3D visual knowledge software to manufacturers worldwide. Cortona3D open standards authoring tools give subject matter experts the power to create and update high-quality 3D animated & traditional 2D technical documentation such as maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, and interactive training from existing product design data. Proven benefits include three times faster production of documentation, cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, Pilatus Aircraft, Siemens Mobility, and Winnebago, among others. Cortona3D has an unmatched track record of sector leadership and continuous product improvement & development. Cortona3D is a technological partner of Siemens Digital Industries Software.

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