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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 14.0 with improved Object Gallery, new search functionality, significant improvements in 2D image editing, and enhanced integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace

28 July 2021
Cortona3D has launched RapidAuthor 14.0 with the possibility to automatically replace static items with parametric objects, a quick search of items and references in a document, and significant improvements in 2D image editing. Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 the user will be able to create plugin-free publications only.

In RapidAuthor 14.0 a static item can be automatically replaced with the HoseSpline parametric object which can be easily animated. Multiple object parameters can be now copied from object to object very quickly. The behavior of parametric objects has been improved when animating or deleting items to which they are linked.

In all specification components supporting a document, the user can easily find items referenced in a document and references to a selected item as well.

Integration with Teamcenter Active Workspace has been improved: a new RapidAuthor Client for Teamcenter ensures convenient collaborative work between RapidAuthor and Teamcenter. The user can now edit and publish S1000D-compliant documents.

The generation of 2D images has been significantly improved: raster images can be created with transparent background or with the current background of the 3D window; the original size of raster and vector images is preserved when they are updated.

Functionality has been implemented to simplify 2D image editing: an object is highlighted when the mouse pointer hovers over it which speeds up the selection process. The use of extra color characteristics helps the user to easily distinguish different object types e.g. thick and thin lines. The ability to hide or lock individual objects allows the user to temporarily exclude interfering objects from the editing process.

When creating part catalogs, it is now possible to automatically link imported 3D objects to the rows of the existing DPL table.

Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 the publishing option “use browser plugins” will not be available any longer, the user will be able to create plugin-free publications only. Cortona3D recommendations regarding switching to plugin-free publications are available on the company’s website.

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