Installing RapidAuthor without Internet access

Updated on 13th January 2023

In order to successfully install Cortona3D software, valid certificates must already be installed, including “GlobalSign Root CA-R6”

If required certificates are missing, then Cortona3D installer returns the following message:

RapidAuthor setup

There are two possible solutions to resolve the issue:

1.    If target computer has unrestricted Internet connection, download “GlobalSign Root R6” certificate from vendor’s official website:

GlobalSign Root Certificates

After downloading certificate file, right click > Install Certificate.

Run RapidAuthor installer.

2.    If target computer does not have unrestricted Internet connection, run CertUtil.exe tool as described below on any computer connected to the Internet without restrictions:

md C:\certs

CertUtil –generateSSTFromWU C:\certs\RootStore.sst

Move to target computer obtained RootStore.sst file, run Powershell on target computer and execute the following commands:

$file=Get-ChildItem -Path C:\certs\Rootstore.sst

$file | Import-Certificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root\

Install cumulative update package for Operating System.

Run RapidAuthor installer.