Open project created in one RapidAuthor tool in another tool (Open as)

It is possible to open previously created projects in any RapidAuthor tool. However, an appropriate specification shall be used.

For example:

  • General IPC specification is RapidCatalog compatible.
  • General Procedure specification is RapidManual compatible.

If you wish to re-use your Generic IPC project (of RapidCatalog) in RapidManual, then you should:

  • Launch RapidManual
  • Go to File > Open Project
  • Find your project (it says Generic IPC by its name)
  • Select it
  • Click the Open As button
  • Choose Generic Procedure (or any other for RapidManual) and
  • Click OK

This will remove unrelated to the selected specification features from your project. For example, it will remove the DPL table and IPC pages from your Generic IPC in Generic Procedure.

After you have opened the project under a different specification, we would recommend saving it with a different name by going to File > Save Project As.

For more information on specifications please refer to RapidManual(RapidLearning).pdf document in (Chapter 4. Basic Commands, Using and Changing Specifications).