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Cortona2D Editor Pro for Technical Illustrations

Cortona2D Editor Pro is a graphics editor that supports the creation, modification, and rendering of layered graphic primitives (ellipse, polygon, spline, bitmap, raster). This editor allows authors and illustrators to edit legacy graphics or manually edit 2D graphics created with Cortona3D RapidAuthor.


  • Editing CGM images (CGM v. 4, binary & text encoding)

  • Import: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Bitmap and GIF

  • Export: SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF


  • Support for different object types: lines, polylines, Bezier lines, arcs, ellipses, polygons, hotspots, text
  • Selecting, moving, rotating, flipping and removing objects
  • Editing object properties in accordance with the WebCGM 2.1 profile
  • Combining objects. Ability to use the fragments of raster and vector images
  • Selecting object orientation and size from a built-in list of standard options
  • Snapping objects to the grid, points or segments of other objects
  • Support for property bundles: allows for defining line, fill, text and marker property sets (bundles), exchanging them between computers, assigning property bundle to object(s), select objects by property bundle
  • Slicing objects, removing object fragments between two crossings
  • Line: style, thickness, color
  • Text: style, font, size, boxed
  • Fills: solid, hatch and pattern


  • Editing hotspot properties
  • Adding layers and editing their properties
  • Adding points and segments to the lines, polygons and other types of objects
  • Scaling all types of objects
  • Saving and replacing raster images
  • Converting objects
  • Filters by object type (lines, texts, layers, etc.) for object multiple selection
  • A quick preview mode, where all lines have the same thickness

For a full list of features and functions, please read our Cortona2D Editor Pro factsheet.