RapidCatalog: create URL links in the DPL table to point to other projects

Sometimes it is practical to create several sets of data representing different layers of the overall object and to cross-link them so that end-users could navigate seamlessly. One way to do that in RapidCatalog is to place URL links in the DPL date and point them to the other project (representing different layers, sections, etc.).

Below is a short instruction for OOTB Generic IPC speciation in the RapidCatalog:

  • Open demo IPC project using the generic IPC specification component
  • Right-click on DPL table header > Hidden Columns > Show All (this will display URL column)
  • In the URL column insert a relative link to another published project file
Generic IPC speciation in the RapidCatalog
  • If your project is published on the web, then you can also insert a URL link to point to that project
Generic IPC speciation in the RapidCatalog


In both examples, #12 implies item number (as per the DPL table) which will be highlighted upon project opening.

By using the #view(12) code the IPC page containing that item will open upon project opening, but will not highlight item 12 specifically.