industry shipbuilding
Shipbuilding industry


Cortona3D partners with Siemens and leading industry providers to meet shipbuilding industry demands. Explore how we can help modernize and improve your organization's product and service documentation.
industry shipbuilding
industry shipbuilding
Trends & Challenges in the shipbuilding industry
  • Increased demand for environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient ships
  • Adapting to new regulations and standards related to safety, environmental protection, and labor practices
  • Managing a global and diversified supply chain for shipbuilding materials and components
  • Development of new materials and construction methods for improved ship performance and durability
  • Need for effective project management and risk assessment for large-scale shipbuilding projects
  • Complex documentation requirements, including technical manuals, maintenance plans, and catalogs, for ships with long lifecycles
  • Reducing downtime or failure by effectively managing preventative and just-in-time maintenance
  • Overcoming language barriers with a global customer base by offering technical documentation in different formats and languages
  • Ensuring compliance with international maritime laws and regulations for ship operation and maintenance


Cortona3D Innovations
  • Streamline the transformation of design and engineering data into necessary technical documentation for manufacturing, maintenance, and support
  • Comply with the Shipdex documentation standard to enhance data exchange and consistency
  • Eliminate data retyping for faster and more accurate documentation creation
  • Efficiently load and access complex technical data such as Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
  • Reduce paper usage and office space with paperless documentation
  • Improve onboard safety by providing up-to-date and accurate technical documentation
  • Minimize the risk of using outdated information
  • Simplify identification of necessary spare parts
  • Facilitate overview of maintenance tasks for better planning and execution
  • Reuse data across the fleet for increased efficiency and consistency
  • Exchange data with equipment manufacturers for improved communication and collaboration
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