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Cortona3D Viewer for iOS: content upload instructions

This article gives instructions on preparing the content and uploading it onto your iOS device.

Please note: only the full version of Cortona3D Viewer for iOS supports uploading of content.


Type of content

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS supports:

  • VRML
  • RapidAuthor published content. Please follow the instructions below to prepare  RapidAuthor published content for upload:
    • Open the folder containing the RapidAuthor content
    • Select all files including *.wrl, *.xml interactivity file, 2D images (CGM, JPEG, etc.) and resources' folders if any
    • Right–click selected files and choose Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder

Uploading content

  1. In iTunes, select the device you wish to upload the content to in the left taskbar (the device must have Cortona3D Viewer for iOS installed)
  2. In the device’s main window select Apps

3. Scroll down the screen to see the list of File Sharing section
4. Select Cortona3D in the list of your device’s applications
5. At the bottom of the Cortona3D Documents click the Add button or simply drag the file into the Cortona3D Documents list


The Cortona3D Viewer for iOS app automatically recognizes the content and updates the library.

This article provides an explanation of Cortona3D Viewer for iOS supported file types.