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RapidManual: make 2D images visible in DITA publications

CGM format images require special 2D Viewer. They cannot be viewed without it. This is why it can only be seen as the link to the vector image in DITA Task Document.

Steps below show how to make these vector images available in the document as raster format image [like JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.]:

  • Go to 2D Image > Edit 2D Images
  • Select CGM by left-clicking it once, check if it is the one in the preview window
  • Click Export
  • Choose Save As Type from PNG, BMP or JPG and click Save
  • Adding raster image:
    • If you want to replace your CGM:
      • Click Replace button
      • Browse for just saved picture
      • Click Open
    • If you want to keep your CGM and add raster image to your project:
      • Close "Edit 2D Image" windows
      • In the Document Editor click Insert 2D Illustration button
      • Browse for just saved picture (you might need to change Files of Type to Graphic Files)
      • Click Open

Now if you add your new image to the document it will appear in the text as a picture rather than a link.

Please note: Saving your 2D CGM into raster image format will remove all CGM functionality.