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The Energy sector is characterised by the longevity of products and large global capital projects making the maintenance of such products critical. Key issues for companies in this industry are:

  • Quickly and accurately create all necessary installation documentation
  • Effectively train operators and maintenance personnel with an emphasis on safety
  • Manage preventative and just-in-time maintenance
  • Reduce downtime or failure – this is the single most costly through life cost
  • Overcome language barriers with global customer base
  • Deliver on-time and on-budget.

The Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite can provide a link between your design and technical documentation creating interactive 3D graphical training and maintenance material:

  • Communicate complex maintenance information or assembly instructions easily around the world in electronic format
  • 3D visual quality reduces the need for a lot of text, therefore reduces need for translation
  • Creates lightweight 3D data for easier deployment to suppliers via web portal
  • Reduce the amount of paper documentation needed
  • Re-use existing assets such as engineering data, graphics and CAD data saving time and money
  • Start the authoring process at an earlier stage supporting earlier product launch dates