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Industrial Machinery

The highly competitive Industrial Machinery market has forced manufacturers to be increasingly agile and customer centric. Customers are demanding configurable solutions to their exact requirements forcing manufacturers to design equipment that is easily configured with multiple options and variants. Industry leaders are solving many of the resulting complexity through linking the Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite of Technical Authoring tools to their CAD/PLM.

  • Highly configurable products need configurable, visual, assembly work instructions
  • Improved quality and access to maintenance knowledge and spare parts information of each component. Mis-identification or incorrect ordering adds significantly to support and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance Knowledge must be available at all times including mobile devices
  • Meet local regulations in all the dispersed geographic markets
  • Distribution of technical documentations needs to be fast, easy and ‘green’

Cortona3D’s RapidAuthor suite can help organisations solve these issues by providing an easy to use authoring solution to create all technical communications. The 3D interactive documentation enables organisations to

  • Communicate complex maintenance information or assembly instructions easily around the world in electronic format
  • Reduce the amount of paper documentation needed
  • Re-use existing assets such as engineering data, graphics and CAD data saving time and money
  • Start the authoring process at an earlier stage supporting earlier product launch dates