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Research & Development

Cortona3D alongside its corporate partners and customers, continues to invest heavily in R&D focusing on next-generation mobile, augmented reality and human machine interaction.


The rapid increase in mobile computing means that many tasks are now done or will be done with support from mobile computing devices. Whether it is on the factory floor or in a remote customer site, you will access information via a light-weight, perhaps rugidised mobile device. Areas of research include:

  • Multi-channel publishing – Author once and publish to multiple device types – PC, iOS, Android
  • User Interface – a touch, screen based interface


Another step in the mobile computing revolution is the ability to layer information from multiple sources over the real World.

  • Authoring changes – content must be based on and linked to the real World
  • User Interface – methods to layer the relevant information dynamically
  • Shape based recognition versus QR codes


The challenge is to improve the way in which content in the virtual World is authored to reflect the real World. Areas of research include:

  • Using motion sensor devices to record human positioning during maintenance or assembly tasks
  • Touchless control or gesture based control


New educational methods are available to us given the proliferation of new mobile devices and authoring tools like RapidAuthor.