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RapidAuthor 14.1: support for S1000D in Service Planner integration, improved import, improved clipboard, Join Lines tool, thick and thin line illustration techniques, new parametric objects, and more

1 September 2022

The latest version of Cortona3D authoring suite, a software solution for digitalizing technical documentation is now available. Version 14.1 comes with important improvements in the data import process, support for S1000D in Service Planner integration, and makes it easier to work with JT format. We updated RapidAuthor by adding new tools such as the Join Lines tool for 2D editing, support for thick and thin line illustration techniques, new commands Cut, Copy, and Paste for selected objects and new parametric objects for authoring. Keep reading to know the details.

Support for S1000D in Service Planner integration

There is good news for authors who work with Teamcenter Service Planner. The latest version of RapidAuthor allows users to generate S1000D documentation based on the data imported from Teamcenter Service Planner. The tool contains now out-of-the-box Demo Service Planner S1000D 4.1 import profile with default configuration for the mapping of the Service Planner Work Card and Service Requirement objects data to the RapidAuthor S1000D project. You can change this configuration using the RapidConfiguration tool to meet specific requirements and the Teamcenter data model.

S1000D support for Teamcenter service planner
Import additional information from the Service Planner

From now on, you can import additional information such as support equipment, spares, references, required persons, safety conditions, etc. from the Service Planner. Using this feature, you can configure various document sections in the Service Planner Information dialog box of the import profile in RapidConfiguration, and enable or disable each section. If a section is enabled, then the corresponding section of the document will be filled during import.

Import additional information from service planner
JT import: line sets, import non-tiled textures from JT

From now on, you can import line sets from JT. The new option Read all types of geometry enables importing all geometric objects allowed by the JT standard, including lines and points. If it is selected, all geometric objects are imported. If it is cleared, only solid geometry is imported.

Import line sets from JT

The previous version of the Cortona3D tools allowed for importing non-tiled textures from JT with tiling only. Version 14.1 fixes this weakness. From now on, you can import non-tiled textures from JT without tiling.

New commands Cut, Copy, and Paste for selected objects

Another useful feature to speed up the authoring process is an improved clipboard. New commands Cut, Copy, and Paste for selected 3D objects are available now from the toolbar, the Edit menu, the Item Tree menu, and the Item List menu, or as shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, and Ctrl+X. Now you can quickly copy or cut 3D objects and paste them below the selected element or into the root of the Item Tree.

The same commands work in Document Editor, Procedure Editor, and DPL-table.

new commands cut copy paste for 3d objects
2D Editing: Join Lines tool

The updated version of Cortona2D Editor Pro provides the Join Lines tool. From now on, you can quickly join multiple line primitives into a single one. To open the tool, go to Objects > Join Lines.

There are several options for how to quickly join straight and curved segments:

  • Chamfer, which connects the ends of lines with segments
  • Extend, which extends lines until they intersect
  • Fillet, which extends lines and connects them with a circle of radius R
  • Bezier, which extends the lines and connects them with the Bezier curve
join lines tool for 2d editing
2D Editing: thick and thin line illustration techniques

If you need to add 3D effects to 2D illustrations, you can use the thick and thin line illustration techniques supported in the new version.

To activate the thick and thin line mode:

  • Use the button on the panel of Property Inspector
  • Edit menu > Thick/Thin Technique

Use the techniques to work with ellipses and parallelograms on the isometric grid.

Thick and thin line techniques for 2d editing
New objects in the Object Gallery

New objects – Animated Arrow and Arrow – are added to the Object Gallery. You can use these objects to draw end-user attention to a specific area in the 3D scene.

new objects animated arrow
New localization option

In version 14.1, we added a new localization option for Italian.

The user interface, help topics of RapidAuthor for Teamcenter, and out-of-the-box specification components have been localized into Italian. Out-of-the-box specification components allow for creating publications in Italian in addition to previously supported languages.

Other improvements
  • Support for Teamcenter 14.0 and 14.1
  • New CAD formats supported: JT 10.6, NX 2007, Solidworks 2022, Solid Edge 2022, Catia V5_6R2022, Revit 2022, Navisworks 2012-2022
  • DITA: new metadata Language allows for controlling the language of the generated document
  • Option to update objects even if their metadata hasn’t changed
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