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Cortona3D Viewer for iOS: supported file types

"VM packages" — interactive 3D documentation projects, published with Cortona3D authoring suit — RapidAuthor.

Cortona3D Viewer for iOS supports the following file formats produced by Cortona3D RapidAuthor:

  • *.cortona3d — file format published by RapidAuthor, requires iOS Publishing;
  • *.vmb — file format published by RapidAuthor, stored in Siemens PLM Teamcenter;
  • *.zip — manually created bundle from RapidAuthor publication (bundle with the “.zip” file extension cannot be opened via "Open with" from another iOS app);
  • *.wrl — VRML 2.0 (Please note that Text, Sound, MovieTextures and etc., are not supported).

There are several ways for viewing "VM packages" on your iOS device, including but not limited to the following:

  • Uploading with iTunes;
  • "Open with…" For opening content using URL on ftp or http server, which can be opened with Safari browser or any application which supports downloading files;
  • "Open with…" For opening content from, email attachments or different applications of file exchange, for example "Dropbox".


NOTE. Features mentioned above are only supported in the paid version of the app, freeware version is limited to demo content only.

For more information on creating and uploading "VM Packages" onto your iOS device using iTunes please refer to this article.