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Product Tutorials

Cortona3D have developed a number of Product Tutorials to show you how to use our tools to create your own valuable outputs easily. These are listed below. Those that relate to all products are in the general category and tutorials specific to a particular product in the relevant product category. Each video is a just a few minutes long for your convenience.


If you would like us to show you more, or discuss your particular project, please contact


RapidAuthor General Functionality
Title Download
Creating a workspace for your project Download
Sharing projects Download
Importing 3D data Download
Exporting a Cortona3D import profile Download
Creating plugin-free publications Download
How to pack a plugin-free publication into a single HTML file for local viewing Download
Title Download
Creating an action Download
Creating and editing formulas Download
Action union Download
Adding sound to a procedure Download
Adding text (linked to action) Download
Using the Hose object Download
Using the Spring object Download
Scaling objects Download
Adding the Screw motion Download
Inverting animations Download
Creating a ribbon (wire bundle) Download
How to create a 3D magnifying glass Download
How to indicate the liquid or gas flow in tubes Download
3D PDF publishing Download
Title Download
RapidCatalog Tutorial (creating project, IPC pages, exploded views, 2D images and publication) Download
Activating DPL- rows on an parts catalog page Download
Creating explosions Download
Multistage explosions Download
Exploding assemblies Download
Sectioning assemblies Download
Manipulating assemblies Download
Creating cut-aways (of a part) Download
Creating 2D CGM images for each parts catalog page Download
Creating / Editing the detailed parts list (DPL) table Download
Linking Parts to a detailed parts list (DPL) row Download
3D PDF publishing Download
How to create a publication with shopping cart functionality Download
How to update the parts catalog when CAD data change (for users who do not have a PLM system) Download
Title Download
Creating an Action Download
Action Unions Download
Adding sound to a procedure Download
Adding text (linked to action) Download
Title Download
General overview of the functionality Download
How to use the Fill tool Download
Hotspotting Download
How to create a magnifying glass Download
Creating corner effects: fillet, scallop, and chamfer Download
Adding tables to 2D images Download
Support for axonometric grid Download
Protected region Download
Keyline view Download
Shape Gallery and Locator Download
Title Download
Configuring the update functionality in the import profiles (for users who do not have a PLM system) Download
Turning off Initial representation to reduce the project size and improve the import performance Download
Turning off automatic creation of the root element in the hierarchy of the imported 3D model Download
Changing the tessellation quality for the source CAD data Download
Defining part quantity calculation rules for importing the data into a work instruction project Download
Ignoring or freezing geometry depending on metadata Download
Merging of shapes and simplifying the project structure depending on the object names and metadata Download