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What’s New in Cortona3D RapidAuthor – Version 6.1

Release date: 
16 Dezember, 2011


RapidAuthor v 6.1 includes a new integrated editor for 2D graphics and illustrations. This will enable authors and illustrators to edit legacy graphics or manually edit 2D graphics auto-generated in RapidAuthor. This further extends the RapidAuthor vision as a single comprehensive tool for all your authoring and graphical needs.

Cortona 2D Editor functionality includes:

  • Native CGM application
  • View, edit, montage, hotspot, print
  • Load/save file 
  • Object Types: lines, Bezier lines, polylines, arcs, ellipses, arrows, polygons, images hotspots, text
  • Select/move/rotate/flip/delete object 
  • Import JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Bitmap, GIF
  • Export to SVG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF
  • Specify drawing area
  • Line: style, thickness, color 
  • Text: style, font, size, boxed
  • Fills: solid, hatch and pattern 
  • Multiple layers
  • Support for inclusion of figures and images
  • Fit full picture or selection
  • Combine multiple graphics on one drawing area/page

Benefit: Overall performance improvements in 2D illustration generation, viewing and updating.


  • Callout generation and Hotspot support in RapidManual and RapidLearning
  • Support for gallery objects like Hose and Spring. Now they are visible in 2D
  • Ability to export generated 2D images in SVG/JPG/PNG formats

Benefit: These improvements provide additional efficiencies over traditional manual illustration processes. 


  • 64-bit support for RapidDataConverter and RapidGenerator
  • 64-bit support for RapidCatalog
  • 64-bit support for RapidManual and RapidLearning

PLEASE NOTE: The Embedded Document Editor does not yet support 64-bit – this functionality will be available in a future release. Hence if you use specifications requiring the Embedded Document Editor it is recommended to use the 32-bit version of RapidAuthor.

The 64-bit version of RapidAuthor can access RAM beyond the 2GB limit of the 32-bit version. This enables RapidAuthor to improve performance by processing large assemblies in RAM, instead of swapping out to the hard disk. When running in 64-bit mode, RapidAuthor can access all available RAM that is installed on your computer.

Benefit: Better overall performance especially when working with large assemblies.


  • Support for multi-language metadata maps in CAD specific RapidDataImportTool plug-ins

Benefit: RapidAuthor already has extensive multi-language support. This functionality further expands that support.


  • Separate publish option for publishing to mobile devices including Cortona3D Viewer for iOS
  • Content compatibility with additional browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome)
  • PDF publish for DITA specification
  • PDF publish for GENERIC_PRC and IPC specification
  • Batch republish tool for RapidManual/RapidLearning projects

Benefit: Increasing options for publishing including batch publishing.


  • Spline Hose
  • PanelHTML replaced by PanelText with improved rich text editor.

Benefit: Better options for dealing with complex items like wiring bundles.


  • Ability to generate license for multiple Host IDs.
  • Show network adapter description for each MAC address
  • Support for different formats of MAC address
  • Support for proxy with authorization during automatic license activation 
  • Improved mechanism for license activation and transfer

Benefit: More control for IT departments on method of deployment.