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Cortona3D launches the Cortona3D Viewer for Java, a powerful tool for the creation of cross-platform 3D viewers

14 Oktober, 2013

Cortona3D launches the Cortona3D Viewer for Java, a programming interface for the creation of cross-platform 3D viewers. This solution is targeted at a wide range of Java-supporting operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

The Cortona3D Viewer for Java enables cross-platform viewing of 3D data in VRML97 format including 3D content created with the Cortona3D RapidAuthor. It includes an extensive API that allows Java applications full and dynamic control of all aspects of the 3D scene.

The Cortona3D Viewer for Java provides companies with a universal solution for delivering interactive, visually rich 3D data on multiple platforms. It significantly simplifies implementation and maintenance of 3D viewers which is a key requirement for busy IT departments.

“Thanks to the Cortona3D Viewer for Java and our existing 3D viewers for mobile platforms, companies can deliver interactive 3D information to a greater number of employees and customers. The unique potential provided by our 3D solutions is now available to the users of Linux and other Java-supporting platforms,” said George Pachikov, CEO of Cortona3D.


Cortona3D software gives manufacturers the ability to provide more efficient and effective technical documentation – parts catalogs, technical manuals, operating procedures, assembly instructions and training materials. Rapid tools are proven in use on projects run by Boeing, General Electric, Airbus and the European Space Agency amongst many others.