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Cortona3D releases RapidAuthor 9.0 and introduces two new products: Cortona3D Solo and RapidText

2 August, 2016

Cortona3D ( releases a new version of its leading authoring tool for creating interactive 3D/2D technical publications. The key features of RapidAuthor v. 9.0 are the ability to create publications that can be viewed without browser plug-ins, a highly specialized tool for text authoring and support for orthographic projection in 3D view.

RapidAuthor now allows for creating publications which do not require browser plugins. They can run in most modern web browsers on different OS such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and mobile OS. Cortona3D Solo, a 3D viewer for viewing publications of this type is based on asm.js and WebGL technologies. 2D CGM images are converted to SVG which is natively supported by modern browsers. The users of RapidAuthor are granted the right to distribute Cortona3D Solo along with RapidAuthor publications. Cortona3D Solo API will be provided at an extra charge.

Previously developed Cortona3D viewers for Windows and iOS platforms are still available and updated to support the new functionality of RapidAuthor publications such as orthographic projection and multi touch gestures on touch screens.

The RapidAuthor suite has been expanded with a new tool tailored to the text authoring – RapidText. Its screen layout and interface elements are arranged to facilitate the text editing process. RapidText is targeted at the creation of large textual sections of maintenance documentation where 3D graphics is not needed.

Other important changes in Cortona3D RapidAuthor:

  • Extended document editor features for S1000D 4.1 and DITA documents.
  • New features in 2D authoring: support for halo, customizable color palette, and multiline text as a single primitive.
  • Improved import of JT and CAD data.
  • Support for Teamcenter 11.2 (for RapidAuthor S only).

More detailed information about the new release:


Cortona3D software gives manufacturers the ability to provide more efficient and effective technical documentation – parts catalogs, technical manuals, operating procedures, assembly instructions and training materials. Cortona3D tools are proven in use on projects run by Boeing, GE, Airbus as well as small to medium sized companies globally.