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Cortona3D announces the RapidAuthor integration with Teamcenter Manufacturing and new possibilities of data update

2 September, 2013

Cortona3D announces the release of RapidAuthor 7.1. The latest version is integrated with Teamcenter Manufacturing what brings significant improvements in the work instruction creation and update process. RapidAuthor 7.1 also introduces DPL data update for parts catalogs and expands existing 2D images update.

The integration of RapidAuthor and Teamcenter Manufacturing allows for effective use of existing data for the work instruction creation – procedures are now generated automatically from Bill of Process (BOP), the documentation update based on the manufacturing data changes is also supported.

“With integration of Cortona3D RapidAuthor and Teamcenter Manufacturing we have taken the work instruction creation process to a new level. The amount of automatically generated data has been dramatically increased what resulted in significant cost savings in the documentation authoring”, said George Pachikov, CEO of Cortona3D.

Another high priority in the Cortona3D Rapid tools development is the creation of effective data update methods. The update of DPL data implemented in RapidAuthor 7.1 allows the companies to keep their parts catalogues up-to-date while spending fewer resources. Version 7.1 also offers new flexible tools for updating edited 2D images.

Other important changes in the latest release include advanced 2D image editing features, improved S1000D support, expanded list of supported CAD formats and improvements in the use of RapidAuthor within the Teamcenter environment.

More detailed information about Cortona3D RapidAuthor 7.1

About Cortona3D

Cortona3D software gives manufacturers the ability to provide more efficient and effective technical documentation – parts catalogs, technical manuals, operating procedures, assembly instructions and training materials. Rapid tools are proven in use on projects run by Boeing, General Electric, Airbus and the European Space Agency amongst many others.